If you have a work of art that you want to sell, you need an appraisal that is up to date, written by a qualified Fine Art Appraiser. This appraisal will clearly document the value of the work The next step is finding the right market for selling the art - one that will give you the best value for the work. Many web galleries and auction sites are available. These sites will charge a fee to list your work and/or ask for a commission upon the sale of the work. There are also secondary markets of art dealers and private collectors or specialty stores that may have an interest in the particular artist or imagery of the work.

You may request advisory information on this subject in regard to a particular work by filling out the questionnaire that will provide enough information to assess which market is most appropriate for your work.

A fee for advisory services relating to Marketing, Exhibiting, Conserving and Purchasing Fine Art is $150 for an hourly meeting. Before any contact is made, you need to fill out the Fine Art Questionnaire.