Here's what some audiences have said about Pete:

"I wasn't good at accepting praise, so I didn't praise others. I've already used your praise drill with my staff. They love it."

- Magazine Publisher

"I was shocked to realize I continually cut people off in the middle of their sentences. Your direct strategy of 'shut up and listen' controls my desire to jump into a conversation."

- Vice President, Financial Services

"My boss is a screamer. The skill we developed to reduce emotions calms him down and allows us to have reasonable conversations."

- Vice President, Human Resources

"I believed when I was talking
I was in control. The truth is, no one was listening!
Limiting speaking to 5-10 seconds works."

- Vice President, Sales

These Organizations Did Just That!

1 - IBM - 500 Sales Managers
  Build New Teams Fast
2 - Business Week Sales Team
  Selling In a Time of Change
3 - American Electrical Assoc. -
Communicate Technical Issues
4 - Nat'l Assoc.
Purchasing Mgrs.
  100% Communications -
Your Career Depends On It
5 - Alliance Theological
  Leaders as Listeners
6 - New England Regional
Rescue Missions
  Building Self-Esteem -
Through Communications
7 - South Orangetown School
District - Kindergarten
  Make Sure They Get a Good
Start - Listen To Them

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